No longer the only child.

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Greg and I have discussed how lucky we feel to be able to each spend so much one on one time these past three and a half years with our girl Lydia.  Of course we are thrilled and have worked hard to have our next baby, but we can’t help but feel grateful at the time we were given to bond so much with our oldest child.  A lot of couples in the LDS culture, and Utah in general, don’t have much spacing between children as we all know.  And that’s because we know having families is incredible!  Lydia brought us so much joy as soon as she entered our family, we couldn’t wait to add another to add to all of our happiness.  But life isn’t always as you plan it and it took us a couple of years longer than planned to get pregnant again.  During that time, I would feel this guilt of not providing Lydia a sibling.  I kept thinking how much happier she would be with her childhood if she could have a little brother or sister just a year or two younger than her.  I would see all of these little families around us with their children close together and think somehow I messed up things for our family.

Now that I can look back, and be a little less crazy than I was, I see things are perfect in our family how they should be.  Lydia is happy and content with her family life.  At least I think she is!  We have been able to grow, learn, and appreciate each other these past couple of years because being able to add to our family isn’t as easy as we have hoped.  Greg and I have cherished every minute alone with have had with our Lydia.  We know this isn’t a common occurrence for most parents to have with their children, and we are grateful for it.  Now with that being said, we can’t wait to add our next child to the family.  We are down to the wire.  Just days away from holding our next baby.  I’m getting all teary eyed just thinking about having Lydia meet her sister for the first time.  Oh gosh, I can’t wait.


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