36 weeks.

 photo April82013_KaraSimmons_4copy2_zps3f670e1a.jpg

Just ended the 36th week over here!  I have been scrambling to get last minute projects done and get baby girl’s room ready.  Still has a long way to go, but at least she has a dresser now.  I have even washed her clothes these past couple of days for her so they are ready to go.  What else is there to do?  Buy diapers?  But I don’t think baby girl is coming any time soon.  I think I will be lucky if she comes the first week of May on her own.  According to my doctor, no progress towards delivery has been made whatsoever.  Maybe I should stop preparing and then she’ll want to come sooner than later.  One could hope.  So everybody who cares cross your fingers for me that I have good news at my next visit okay? Or that the least she will come within a couple days of her due date.  That would be nice.


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