On the red rocks.

 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_18_zpsef8fdbb7.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_19_zpsbd4ac057.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_21_zpsdd0b35d1.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_22_zpsc36de397.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_24_zps49f804f4.jpg
Up on the red rocks over looking St. George is where we spent some time when we took our little weekend trip over a month ago now.  It was such awesome weather that weekend.  It almost felt like a Utah summer night that evening.  And those of us from Utah who know what summer nights feel like know they are the best.  The best!  I crave for those summer nights.  Oh and they are just around the corner.  I can’t wait.  Lydia loved exploring around the red rocks and throwing any rocks she could down the cliffs.  We tried sticking her in a little cave on our way out to the car.  She didn’t appreciate that very much.  Of course we made sure there were no animals in it first.  What kind of parents do you think we are?


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