Easter weekend started off with Lydia’s very own Easter basket hunt around our yard. We decided to do it on a Saturday this year to keep it more simple on Sunday’s and focused. Lydia didn’t seem to mind getting her Easter basket a day early.  We have her follow a green string of yarn around the yard to find her basket.

 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_zps4605c58a.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_1_zps5dae9c0a.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_2_zpsa968456f.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_3_zpsf22ee61c.jpgI hid it next to the lovely and attractive green electrical box that divides our yard from our neighbors.  I know it’s not very pretty in pictures.  But you work with what you got people!
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_5_zps71b79362.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_4_zps4b741a3d.jpgLetting Charlotte take a sniff.
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_7_zpse52ddc1d.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_8_zpsbf4b2860.jpg

At the end of the basket hunt we had her find Easter eggs around the house.  I filled all of them with different coins thinking she would love it.  She did for the first four.  Then when realizing they were all filled with money she shouted, “Where’s the candy?!”  Lesson learned.  Next year I will fill them with both candy and money.  Silly me trying to save my child’s teeth and healthiness.

Easter morning breakfast was french toast, strawberries, and orange juice.  Delish.
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_11_zpsa92668a1.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_12_zpse6c67782.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_13_zpsaa6a2781.jpgUs Simmons’ in our Sunday best.
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_14_zps835b003e.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_17_zpse969dca2.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_18_zps8cbd7b5d.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_19_zpsd239ee1d.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_20_zps29f386cf.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_21_zps4c18798f.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_22_zps7aa56b50.jpgGrandma Miller had us over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt.  Lydia was delighted that these eggs actually contained candy.
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_23_zps74d297dc.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_24_zps710fce28.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_25_zpsd5f53cb3.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_26_zpsdd5a73d8.jpgLydia and her Grandma.
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_27_zps7b96d623.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_28_zps7241ea5d.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_30_zps351fa574.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_31_zpsb36f2136.jpg
 photo April12013_KaraSimmons_32_zpsfdf3e843.jpg

I am incredibly grateful for Easter.  I love that it reminds everyone, including myself, the great sacrifice our Savior did for us by atoning for our sins and dying for us.  Such incredible love that I cannot fathom.  It is because of him I can live eternally with my family.  I have a testimony that He lives!  What a beautiful reminder this day was for me to know of our Savior’s love for us.


One thought on “Easter.

  1. I wish I had had my kids find their basket on Saturday. I have 9 a.m. church and felt totally rushed…which is not how you want to start any Sunday, especially such a special one!! You all look great in your Easter best and that breakfast looks yummy!!

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