It was a birthday weekend.

Last Friday, the 15th, was my birthday. It was nice, relaxing, and pretty low key.  Perfect for a large pregnant body.  I even got a nap in on my birthday and the day after!  Gregory took me shopping and out to dinner.  He gave me a gift certificate to go get a pregnancy massage.  I can’t wait to use it!  That man always treats me right.  He even surprised me with a whole cake to celebrate with as well.  Lydia loved that part of the weekend the most.  Or maybe it was playing with her cousins in the park with the nice weather we had?

 photo photo-2_zps3b174985.jpg
 photo photo1-2_zps5ac19f46.jpg
 photo photo2-2_zpse7dcd8f9.jpg

27 was a good year.  28 sounds good but that means I have to be more mature right?  I guess we will see if that happens. 😉

Next up, Greg’s birthday next week!  March is just a whole month of celebrating for us if you didn’t know by now.


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