32 weeks.

 photo March102013_KaraSimmons_resize_zpsfc993869.jpg
 photo March102013_KaraSimmonsresize_zps2d9a59ad.jpg

This entire pregnancy I haven’t had too strong of cravings. I have just loved food. Especially carbs, but I think that’s me just indulging myself. And then all of a sudden this past week, baby girl has been loving orange juice.  We bought two big containers of juice last week and within a couple of days they were gone.  Pretty sure I am going to have another glass of the juice we have in our fridge now as soon as I finish talking.  I think for my birthday this week I will even go out and get the best brand of juice out there.  I’m going crazy here friends!  Because I am cheap, we stick with the cheap stuff for now.  Baby girl is also getting the hiccups every day now.  I wish I could make them stop for her, but I love knowing she is alive and well in there!  Those little bumps I feel just melt my heart.


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