Two strikes.

While in Midway last weekend we also did a little bowling. Lydia loves it.  She picks out her pink ball each time it’s her turn and shoves it down that little ramp.
PhotobucketMuch to our surprise…
Photobucketshe got two strikes and a spare all on her own that night.  Her Dad was pretty excited if you couldn’t tell.
PhotobucketLydia was thrilled to see all the pins get knocked over.  Unfortunately, that turned her into a bowling snob.  Anytime those pins didn’t all fall over she was not a happy girl.  It’s tough not getting those strikes all the time. 😉
PhotobucketCousin Addie and Lydia eventually helped each other with every turn.
PhotobucketJumping up and down and dying with excitement to knock over those pins!  This shot cracks me up.
PhotobucketOur little fam bowling at the tiniest little bowling alley you ever did walk into.


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