Snow play.

Last weekend we headed up to Midway with family.  The sun was shining on us for our first day there and it felt insanely nice.  We set out on for a sledding adventure and to have fun playing in the snow and sunshine.

PhotobucketLydia wasn’t fond of the sledding on actual sleds this time around so she slid down on her bum.  Whatever makes her happy.
PhotobucketShe also enjoyed playing with her cousins by digging in the snow and eating it.  No yellow snow of course.
PhotobucketThe Simmons gang about to go down the hill together.  Having fun.  Racing and crashing several times.
PhotobucketDoesn’t it look like fun?
PhotobucketIt sure did look like a lot of fun.  Baby girl and I hung out at the top by the little ones.

PhotobucketI was jealous of all the fun everyone was having and then I realized I’m pregnant like once every four years, so hey, who cares if I can’t sled right now?  Pregnancy is also a great excuse for not having to fly down scary hills with Greg.  But Greg did take me snow shoeing two of the days we were up there.  Holy smokes, I was slow.  And huffing and puffing climbing up hills.  My good husband was patient with me.  He put on my snow shoes for me, held my hand when I needed balance, and asked every two minutes if I was okay.  I love that man of mine.By the end of the trip I was thinking snow wasn’t so bad.  As long as it’s sunny and warm while you play in it.  And as long as it snows like two months out of the year.  But guess what?  It’s suppose to snow again tomorrow.  Booooooooo.  At least we had some kind of fun with snow before we go back to hating it.  Us Simmons are warm weathered people.  The spring fever has already begun for us friends.


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