Be my Valentine.

Valentine’s started off to a rush for this Mama.  I had great plans to make Lydia heart shaped pink pancakes and then slept in big time due to baby girl kicking me in the middle of the night and keeping me up.  Lydia was a good sport with me rushing about trying to fix her hair, get her dressed and fed in a matter of minutes.  Good thing I made her Valentine’s to take to class the night before!

Right before we rushed out the door to preschool.  She was checking on her Valentine’s in the bag to give to all of her friends and was very excited to go to her first school Valentine’s party.

PhotobucketAren’t her Valentine’s adorable?  I downloaded the printable from Oh Happy Day.
PhotobucketThe blog uses their Valentine with candy wax lips, but I found these whistle lips and knew they would be a hit in the three year old crowd.

Lydia came home from school with a little monster Valentine mail box filled with Valentine’s from her friends.
PhotobucketHer favorite was the sucker.

Then Gregory brought home gifts a plenty for his girls after work. That man knows how to treat his women!  I couldn’t be happier to celebrate another Valentine’s with these two.

P.S. Every year I make white chocolate covered strawberries.  Went to two different stores today just to find out California has been having bad weather for growing strawberries.  Sad sad moment.  Then Greg brought home giant sugar cookies and we stuffed our faces with those instead.  But when strawberries start coming to Utah again, you better believe I am dipping a couple of pounds of those babies.


One thought on “Be my Valentine.

  1. I just got some strawberries from Costco. They aren’t THE BEST but, Libby ate them all within 2 days! Cute little outfit on Lydia!

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