Big sister.

Lydia can’t stop talking about becoming a big sister lately. She loves to tell me how her little sister will come to the park with her, walk her to preschool, sit in the car with her, etc.  Lydia seems to think all new clothes that come into the house are for baby sister too.  Even clothes that are new for her!  When I explain they are for her, she will ask if baby sister can wear them as well.  All this talk makes this Mama so happy and excited for the relationship these girls are going to have.  There’s nothing like having a sister.


I can’t get over how much Lydia looks like Greg in these images.  It’s hard to imagine this baby girl looking any different from Lydia and her dad, but I am sure she will.  Maybe this one will have brown hair that will actually stick around?  Or my sister’s beautiful strawberry blonde?  I’m crossing my fingers that at least one of our children will get either of our fathers’ curly locks too.  One thing I know our children will get from me is freckles.  Lydia has a faint sprinkling across her cheeks for now.  I am sure baby girl will have the same.

May can’t seem to get here soon enough so we can finally get a good look at her and hold her!  And if she really wants a fighting chance at being the favorite child, she will make her entrance in April. 🙂


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