January is almost over…

and thank goodness! It has been the coldest January I can remember.  Last January was so warm, and this year has been incredibly frigid.  We have been in the house a lot because of it.  Which is nice for awhile, but man, we are ready for some change in the weather!

With the new year Lydia moved up to Sunbeams from nursery.  I just had to do her hair in curls and braids for the first day.  That and we have the one o’ clock time slot now.  So curls every Sunday it is now!

PhotobucketLydia is back in preschool with her friends.  The first week back they had made these adorable bear ears in class.  The first thing she said when walking out the door as I picked her up was,”Mama, I’m a bear.  Rarrrrrr.”  Too much this girl is sometimes.  Too much.

PhotobucketWith being trapped inside the house, I’m actually cooking again.  And cleaning!  You should see how awesome our closet looks.  No piles on the ground at all.  Big steps for me.  I gave homemade granola bars a try.  Yummy, but they fall apart easily if not kept cold.  Lydia was a fan.

PhotobucketNesting has been in full force this month.  We painted walls in our front living room and family room and even hung up a mirror.  We are growing up I tell you.  Even though we have been here for two years, I have very little on the walls.  I am indecisive and it takes me awhile to get a vision of what I want.  But with this baby coming, I have a deadline to get things done!  Greg has been such a good sport about it all.

PhotobucketWe have picked out a very light pink to paint an accent wall in baby girl’s room.  I have the gallon of paint!  I can’t wait to paint this next week and start getting her room put together.

PhotobucketWhen scrolling through old pictures on my phone the other day, I came across this one last summer.  Doesn’t the sun behind us look heavenly?  I can’t help but dream of summer days and nights lately.

PhotobucketBaby girl is growing and kicking me like crazy.  We are at the end of our second trimester and feeling as good as can be.  I went to Zumba the other night and found watching myself in the mirror is too funny at times.  All that shaking and thrusting of hips sure looks attractive on this pregnant belly!  😉  But I need that cardio high so whatever it takes to get it, I’m there.

PhotobucketWe have had a lot of lazy Saturdays around here this month.  It’s been real nice.  Reading books in bed is a great lazy activity, don’t you think?

PhotobucketLydia is awesome at finding hiding places.  This one is in her room behind her curtains.  Brilliant place to hide! 🙂

PhotobucketCharlotte has been bored out of her mind and getting at least 23 hours of sleep a day it seems like.  I was brave enough to take her on a walk last week and she was in heaven.  And frozen at the end, but I think she thought it was worth it.

PhotobucketAnd last but not least, just thought I should throw it out there that Lydia talks our ears off.  All the time.  Madre told me how much I talked and how many questions I asked her a day at her age.  I guess I am getting my pay back.  I love hearing her ramble on to Greg when I am not in the room.  Those two are hilarious together.


We are welcoming February with open arms and hopes of some warmer weather!


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