There was just a dog.

Before Lydia, we had Charlotte.  Charlotte was given to me on my 23rd birthday.  She was the cutest puppy on earth.  She traveled with us in our summer sales job and was my little buddy when Gregory was working his long hours in the summer.  We would take long walks every day in the different cities we lived in.  This dog had the life.

We let Lydia play with Greg’s old iphone.  The other day I picked it up and wanted to check out what pictures he still had on his phone.  I found a hilarious amount of pictures of Charlotte before we had Lydia.  Greg and I would take pictures of this dog of ours all the time.  If I found a lot on Greg’s phone can you image the amount on my old phone?  I mean, she is pretty cute, so I don’t really blame us but she is a dog after all.  I guess we are crazy dog people for taking so many pictures.  Here’s a sampling of Charlotte’s life before Lydia.

Contemplating life on the back porch at the in-law’s.

PhotobucketI found her up on this coffee table randomly one night.  I could hardly contain myself I thought this was too adorable.  Clearly, I needed more entertainment that evening.
PhotobucketAt the in-law’s house she would just sit on these little bricks in their backyard for hours.
PhotobucketBack in her wild hair days.  She kinda looks like a hippie here.
PhotobucketI bought a cheap dog shirt for her to wear and sat her up to make her look like a real person.  Hilarious to us at the time.  Heck, who am I kidding?  It still is!  She looks like an angry build-a-bear.

Now this is Charlotte’s life. Sharing the spotlight with Lydia.  Poor thing doesn’t even know another child will come to disrupt her home soon once again.  I don’t think she minds Lydia some days though.  Lydia does give her food all the time and now they can actually play fetch with each other without Lydia throwing a fit that she can’t get the toy away from Charlotte.
There are many days I need to rescue Charlotte from Lydia though.  In the picture above this, do you see how Lydia has a broom in her lap?  I caught her poking Charlotte with the end of it one day.  Charlotte ran to me and sat on my lap, Lydia came over and tried to poke her again.  I told Lydia, “to stop poking Charlotte with the broom!”

Lydia calmly responded, “I’m not going to hurt her.  I’m going to see how brave she is.”

Bless your heart Charlotte for living with us all this time.


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