Hello 2013.


Here we go 2013. I’m pretty excited for you.  Is anyone else?  I guess I always feel like this for the start of a new year.  Last year, I was definitely ready to move on from 2011.  The fall of 2011 really did a toll on me looking back.  I was taking fertility drugs and they were doing a number on me physically.  Normally they had very little affect on me, but for some reason, my body was not happy with those drugs.  It made the struggle to conceive even harder mentally and by the end of the year I felt as if I had no control over my body.  Basically, I was done and becoming quite the downer about it all.  And I saw it bringing down Greg and Lydia too.  I resolved to look at life and it’s challenges differently in 2012.  I decided to suck it up basically and make some goals for myself.

2012 came and made us as busy as ever.  I received a new busy calling in church (hello Young Women’s), photography became busier than expected, and I made goals to run half marathons in the summer.  In all these new things combined, I felt stronger.  More in control of my body and felt more accomplished than ever.  Fertility drugs still felt like a roller coaster, but we also took a break in the first couple of months of the summer from treatment which was so so so nice.  We all needed that break.  Come the end of July we felt right in taking the next step in medications to conceive, and to our shock and amazement, it worked.  We have been counting our blessings ever since.

We went on vacations in the fall with families and finally put in nice grass in our back yard.  Complete with a garden plot!  Lydia started preschool, dance, and tumbling.  I think I may have over scheduled us this past fall, and will be definitely taking a step back this year!  Greg became even busier with work, has started school again to further himself professionally in his field, and really enjoys what he does.  And besides all of us taking turns being quite sick in the month of December, we had a great time during Christmas and the spirit it brings.  One of the things I especially loved this Christmas was teaching Lydia about the birth of Christ, and her actually understanding!  Sure, opening presents from Santa is incredibly fun once they get it, which she clued into in 2011, but her processing the birth of Christ really brought on a wonderful Spirit in our home this past Christmas season.

And so 2012 has ended.  I feel really blessed and strengthened in this last year.  2013 will bring growth to our family (yahooooo!!!!!!!), but I wonder what else will happen?  Right now, I just want to get projects done around the house I didn’t find time to get to in 2012.  I have literally been wanting to paint a wall in our living room and our kitchen cabinets for over a year now.  2012 was probably the busiest year in my life so far and our home and it’s projects and cleanliness definitely took a toll because of it.   I think my nesting instinct must be in full effect right now because that’s all I can think about getting done lately.  And why am I including this?  Like I said before, it’s all I can think about right now.  Just thought you all should know.  I also would like to do a really awesome job giving birth to another baby.  Is all of this too much to ask?

Whew, enough rambling!  Bring on 2013!



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