Christmas day. Part II.

The rest of Christmas day is filled with spending time with our families.  First up is the Simmons household for brunch and presents with Greg’s siblings and parents.
PhotobucketCharlotte came along too of course.
PhotobucketThe girls closing their eyes in anticipation for their big present from Grandma and Grandpa.
PhotobucketLittle People Princess Castles!
PhotobucketThe girls were in heaven.
PhotobucketWaiting for the next big present reveal.
PhotobucketA mini roller coaster in Grandma and Grandpa’s basement.  It has been quite the hit.
PhotobucketGrandma Simmons got a Peyton Manning jersey.  This woman loves her football.  And her Peyton.
PhotobucketNext up, Grandma Nana’s for the rest of Christmas afternoon and night.
PhotobucketLydia received her very own Minnie blanket with her name on it.
PhotobucketCheck out cousin Eme in the back.
PhotobucketOur family on Christmas Day.
PhotobucketThe Stouts.  Tayden requested “no pictures, please.”
PhotobucketAnd our annual Christmas photo.  Can’t be complete without an outtake.  I have a remote now!  But my pregnancy brain was having a hard time working it.  Seriously, how hard is it to work a remote?
PhotobucketFinally, success.  I love our families.

We really enjoyed Christmas day this year.  It was super relaxed even though it looks like we run around all day.  We both love spending time with our families.  I really feel like that is what Christmas should be about, you know?  Just being with your family no matter how big or small.  We are lucky and blessed to live close to many loved ones.  I know as we have more kids and as they get older it will be harder to get going in the morning, but this works for us now and we are pretty happy with it.  I love knowing our kids will have memories with their many cousins and their Grandparents during Christmastime.  Lucky kids.

And that concludes Christmas 2012.


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