Disneyland adventure continued…

Thank goodness for Iphones and their cameras. Without it so many memories and moments would be lost for me.  It’s incredibly convenient to have when I am not able to have my Nikon around or unexpected moments I need to capture right then.  Of course the quality will never compare, but it will have to do for my point and shoot!  I loved being able to pull out my phone and capture the memories as they were happening and sending them to Gregory back home.

At downtown Disney the first night we drove into California.

PhotobucketWithin the first few minutes of walking into California Adventure the first day, Lydia was already getting to meet her favorite stars.  Like Goofy.
PhotobucketAnd Minnie!  She was just hanging out by the Tower of Terror.
PhotobucketEven though my girl isn’t the biggest fan of Cars, we still thought Mater with the Santa hat on was pretty cute.
PhotobucketLydia loves those carousel rides.
PhotobucketShe put on her 3D glasses for the Toy Story ride all by herself, can you tell?
PhotobucketThank goodness for Nana, Lydia was always wanting to be held in lines and Nana was sure to take her turn in the holding.  My back and baby I am currently growing appreciates you greatly Nana.
PhotobucketWaiting to see the World of Color.  Such a fantastic show.  It was a bit chilly that evening though!

PhotobucketEntering into Disneyland bright and early in the morning.
Photobucket“Hey Snow White!  Your ride is pretty scary.”
PhotobucketIf children would only smile at the camera.  Oh well.

And that concludes our Christmastime Disneyland trip.  I told Greg I am good for my next Disneyland fix until Lydia is 5 or 6.  But hey, I could handle if we went when she was 4 too.  You know how Christmas just keeping getting better as your family grows and your children get older?  That’s exactly how I feel about Disneyland trips.  If only Christmas and Disneyland didn’t cost so many pretty pennies…


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