Lake Powell. Part I.

Now before I go onto sharing pictures of our Disneyland trip, I figure I better start with the vacation to Lake Powell that I never shared! It has been highly requested, from my mom that is. So here ya go Madre! I wanted to tease myself with all these warm weather memories as we get into the cold cold weather I suppose.

PhotobucketYes, that is Charlotte taking a turn on the wave runner too.
PhotobucketAunt Janel helped make the kids these adorable binoculars.
PhotobucketOur houseboat.
PhotobucketSweet baby Bodie.
PhotobucketI just love messy french braids on my girl.

PhotobucketOne of our main activities was swimming and floating on the lake.  We would use any flotation contraption possible to float on as you can see.  Heaven is floating in the warm sun in Lake Powell, until your husband or brothers or children splash you.  Which was quite often.

I have a lot more pictures to share so staaayyyyyy tuned.


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