Addiction to the magical place.


We are back from Disneyland!  We went to Disneyland for only two days so it was a quick trip, but we stayed from open until pretty much close both days.  Lydia was in heaven, as was I.  Who’s with me that they must put some sort of drug into the water or food at Disneyland that leaves you always wanting more?  Whatever the stuff is, it’s good.  As soon as I walked out of the park I started plotting ways to get my little family back there.

Now back to real life!  I have a lot of pretty pictures to sort through, a house to decorate for Christmas, and so much more coming our way.  Whew!


One thought on “Addiction to the magical place.

  1. I hope that’s not it for the Disney pictures! If I can’t go….I need to at least see other people’s magical trip. 🙂

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