Halloween wrap up.

Halloween started off with a grand parade at Grandma Simmons’ school. She’s a teacher in case you didn’t know.  She got to strut her stuff with the big kids who get to go to school.  She is already asking to go back to the parade at Grandma’s school.

PhotobucketNext stop, downtown SLC for lunch with Grandma Nana where she works.  Eme, Tayden, and Kristen were there too.  We let them run around in their costumes and charm all adults who saw them.
PhotobucketAnd in the evening we stopped at Chipotle where they gave you a really cheap burrito just for dressing up.  Even grumpy “Halloween for suckas” Gregory can’t pass that up.  I had a bun in the oven and that man of mine was the chef.
PhotobucketBecause I ran Lydia ragged all day, she was exhausted come trick or treat time.  She trick or treated one small street, and loved it, but then needed Greg to carry her to make it awhile longer.  Poor thing.  Lesson learned, Lydia needs rest to trick or treat enjoyably.  Or was she just outsmarting us by having Greg do all the work?  All she needed to do was say trick or treat and got candy.  Well played Lyds, well played.

Even spooky ghosts following Greg and Lydia made an appearance according to my iphone.  Which means the night was a success I guess?  And that was our Halloween friends.


One thought on “Halloween wrap up.

  1. it’s always fun to see my 6th grade teacher! 🙂 libby didn’t even make it down ONE street. maybe 5 houses is all, then she kicked her 1 yr old cousin out of his stroller so she could ride the rest of the way. not even asking for more candy. so strange ….

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