Anniversary date.


(Us dropping off our little one off to Grandma Nana for our anniversary date)

A couple of weekends ago, Greg and I celebrated our sixth year of marriage!  Since last year we took a big trip to San Diego for our anniversary, we decided to have a low key anniversary date.  We went to the Chang’s (P.F. Chang’s, I kept calling it the Chang’s for some reason.  It just sounded right.) and then went to the most romantic movie out at the theatre at the time, Charly.  HA!  Just kidding.  We went to the new Bourne movie.  It was pretty good and there is nothing like intense action scenes that puts you in a romantic mood. 😉

The next day we went to Seven Peaks like we were teenagers again since Madre was still watching the little one.  And that was our hot anniversary weekend!  Woowee I don’t think they get any more exciting than that!

All kidding aside, it was extremely nice just to relax and spend time with Gregory.  Life gets busy and then I start to miss our good old dating days when we were teenagers and had nothing else to do with our lives really than spend time with each other…  And maybe kissing was involved too.  Dates like this put us back to where we started and I love that.


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