A run in the dark.

A couple of weeks ago the grand city we live in, Eagle Mountain(but we live on the border of Saratoga Springs so please don’t think we live out in the middle of nowhere.  Just want to get that straight!), put on a half marathon in the dark!  I got a great deal on the run off of Groupon and decided to give it a go.  I decorated myself in glow sticks but was very much under dressed compared to others running the race.  I found myself actually getting dizzy running next to a couple of different runners because they had so many blinking lights on them.


I have never ran so late at night before and it was awesome.  It rained about an hour before the race started so it left the air feeling nice and cool for a summer night.  The only thing I would have differently was to have worn a headlight on my head.  There were a few times I could not see in front of me because of headlights in my eyes from cars passing by.  I was terrified I was going to step on a vole.  Those yucky things are everywhere here!  But no voles were harmed in the run.  Thank goodness.

I loved running that late at night.  I would totally start running on my own at night, but I am afraid of kidnappers, robbers, and the such.  And it also took me HOURS to fall asleep that night.  All that adrenaline and caffeine helps sure did a number on me.

Lydia tried her hardest to wait up for me, but just couldn’t cut it.  So Charlotte, the favorite furry child, greeted me.  And doesn’t she look creepy in that picture?  I assure you she is not.

Overall, I give the glow-in-the-dark half marathon experience two thumbs up!


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