Lydia is three.

This smiley baby is turning three tomorrow.

We plan on going swimming with cousins, going to see a movie with daddy in the afternoon, and eating as many treats as she would like during the day.  I can hardly wait.

This girl has our heart.  She is a complete joy in our home.  I love seeing her sleepy little blonde head every morning and wrestling with her moodiness when putting her to bed at night.  Did you know Lydia shares my love of peanut butter?  We bond every day over it.  Gregory hates it and we think he’s nutso.  I think tomorrow I will let her eat as much as possible, without making her sick.  Want to know something funny she said tonight as we were leaving her room?  She confessed she pushed a kid in nursery today.  Said he was being mean, so she pushed him.  I love that.  Not so much the pushing, but that she is feisty enough to stand up for herself and that she just had to confess what she did before she fell asleep.  If she is this funny turning three, I can’t wait for the years to come.

I love you Lydia!  Being your mother makes me the luckiest woman in the world.  Happy 3rd Birthday!


2 thoughts on “Lydia is three.

  1. I can’t believe it!? 3?!! Happy Birthday Lydia! Seriously, Kara, where has the time gone. It feels like yesterday that this cutie and bundle of joy was born. She really is the CUTEST. Miss you guys.. .call us!

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