Fire in the hills.

Last Thursday I was driving home in the afternoon from running some errands. While driving I looked off in the distance towards our neighborhood, which was still a good 15 or 20 miles away, and could see that the hills/mountains by our neighborhood was on fire. Smoke was filling the air and quickly. When arriving to my neighborhood I could see that it wasn’t as close as I had thought. I talked about it a bit with Greg that night and we watched the news about it, but we weren’t really alarmed figuring it was just another wild fire that would be contained quickly. But the wind had another idea in mind. On Friday morning, I went to open our windows and smoke air filled our house quickly! I shut the window and went outside and just saw smoke everywhere. I wish I could have had a better angle to show how crazy smokey it was but here is what I saw.
It was so smokey I talked to a friend outside for just a couple of minutes and both of our mouth felt covered in ash.  The smoke in the air made it so it looked like a sunset in our house at 9 in the morning.

A few minutes after I took these pictures I was notified we were being evacuated by a friend! I didn’t take it too seriously, and called Greg to see what he thought or what he had heard. He scanned the news for me and sure enough, we were being evacuated. I wasn’t too stressed about the situation. I got a change of clothes for Lydia and I, my computer, hard drives, and that’s about it. But then I looked out the window and realized people were packing a lot more than me. Then I heard sirens coming closer and closer to us. Reception was getting really bad for my cell phone, I think because of the smoke, so I kept losing calls to Greg and other family members to let them know what was going on. The winds were really picking up and pushing the fire towards our direction.  Greg decided to come home from work realizing this was more serious than we thought to help get us out and anyone else who needed help in the neighborhood. My Bishop was practically running door to door making sure everyone knew to evacuate. I was grabbing the most random things people. I don’t know what to do in an emergency. But I figured our house was most likely not going to burn, because we had many houses for it to get to before us, but I was nervous how long we were going to be gone from our house for and what if our house had smoke damage. Way to many variables for me to process. Luckily, Greg pulled up just as a cop was driving around our street ordering us to leave. That didn’t help my nerves. We decided I got what I could and Greg had me leave with Charlotte and Lydia while he shut all the vents in our house and grabbed anything else I forgot.  We all smelled like campfire when we got to my mom’s house who lives about ten minutes away.  Luckily, the winds shifted the opposite direction of our house Friday night.  We were cleared to go home by Saturday late morning.  I thought we would come home to a stinky campfire smelling house but it was fine!  The strong winds had really cleared all the smoke out of the air.  We were so thankful for that.  It was so nice to come home to our house that wasn’t damaged and we saw our neighborhood was just fine too.  Bless those fire fighters!  Counting our blessings that’s for sure.

Good gravy. That was an adventure to say the least. And now I am getting ready to go to my ward’s girls camp all week long. I have to pack, finalize crafts I am in charge of, and so much more. And why did I just write this long account of the fire by my house?! Do you ever feel like when you have about a million things to do you don’t know where to start, so you kind of start with unimportant things? That’s exactly what I am doing here. Oh well. I will be glad I wrote this account down in the future!
Last time wasting story to share, Greg got a new calling in our ward today. Literally right before the 2nd counselor was going to announce his name over the pulpit all of a sudden the microphone went haywire. A huge boom and buzzing came over the speaker for quite a few minutes! It was apparent to many people in our ward that Greg’s name was going to be said next and were looking over at our direction and laughing with us about it. Seriously, what are the odds?! Apparently, Greg wasn’t supposed to get this new calling.  Just kidding.  Somehow the problem was fixed after a few minutes and nothing happened that time his name was called. 🙂


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