Ode to my baby daddy.

When I started dating Greg we had both barely turned 18 and were about to graduate from high school. I wasn’t looking for a husband at the time or even wondered if Greg would be a good father. I just knew I was crazy about Gregory Simmons and loved everything I was learning about him.  Then I saw him interact with his very young girl cousins he has when I started coming around to family functions.  My heart about melted seeing how he treated those little girls and I knew I would be a lucky girl if we were to get married and have kids together.
And I haven’t been disappointed to say the least.  Lydia adores Greg.  Her face lights up every time he walks in the door from work.   I have loved seeing Greg turn into the father that he is.  I can’t wait to see him with more beautiful babies of ours in the future.

And one more picture of Lydia for good measure.


One thought on “Ode to my baby daddy.

  1. What cute pictures! That Greg is a good Daddy! Lydia is starting to look so big! I remember when Eme turned 3 starting to see her really change into a little girl instead of a toddler. Sad but so fun to see what little beauties they turn into! Love that Lyds!!

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