Racing over the weekend.

I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I decided to run the Utah Valley Half marathon back in February.  I decided since our dreams of having more babies wasn’t really working out for me right now, why not make another dream come true while we wait?  But that would be a lie if I said I dreamt about running a half marathon before.  I have never been interested in running a race until this past year and I figured why not give it a shot?
Turns out I love the accomplishment of running.  It’s therapeutic, you burn calories, and you feel pretty darn awesome about yourself afterwards.  If you have been thinking about doing a race, do it!!  You will not regret it.
Here I am crossing the finish line.
PhotobucketI got myself a medal, but Lydia has already taken property of it.  And I am holding my iphone because I sent Greg a quick heytell message(if you don’t know what that is, google it!  I love it for instances you can’t text but you don’t need to call the person) when I hit mile 12 so he knew I was coming in.  Then I wanted to listen to the roar of the crowd too!
PhotobucketGregory made me a sign and brought me flowers!  Incredibly sweet that man is.
PhotobucketI gave him a couple of creamies they pass out to the runners at the finish line.  He deserved treats too for getting up so early to support me.  A creamie never tasted better after running for so long by the way.  I think I finished it in less than 60 seconds.
PhotobucketAnd this is where I need to brag about my supportive husband, and also so I don’t forget!  Not only on the day of the race was he incredibly supportive, but all throughout my training.  I would do my long runs on Saturday mornings.  Most often Saturday’s I would do my long run, come home and shower and then I was off to photo sessions for the rest of the day.  Which meant his only day off of the week to get things done around our house or in the yard was spent playing a single parent role too.  He would even pick me up at a nearby park where I would finish a couple of my runs so I didn’t have to run up this ginormous hill to get back to our house.  I know this experience wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable or easy to accomplish if it weren’t for his support.
PhotobucketI think he will be supportive of any hobby I have that requires me to be in short shorts, but whatever works right?! 😉

I love you Gregory.

I wish I could have ran the course a bit faster, but am happy with my results compared to how far I have come in the past couple of months time wise. I was actually keeping a pace I was incredibly happy with until about mile 11, and that’s when a side ache came that I just could not breathe through without stepping to the side a few times to try and stretch it out. That was pretty annoying to say the least.  But I did it!  I already can’t wait until my next one…


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