Memorial Day weekend, a review.

Our Memorial Day weekend started off with Greg and I celebrating milestones of our relationship on the 25th. He happened to kiss me for the first time on May 25th, 2003 and then proposed three years later on the same date.  Almost a decade of togetherness?  Good heavens, that’s just crazy.

Saturday we traveled to SLC to have lunch with my family to celebrate my brother Kade’s bday. The big 31!
Oh and we had to walk a couple of blocks in the pouring rain. Lydia clung to me under our umbrella for dear life.


On Sunday, Lydia ran away from me as I turned my head for one second to talk to a friend in church and just like that she was gone. Greg and I walked as fast as we could to her nursery class to see if she ran there, but no Lydia. We were running around like crazy for a few minutes looking everywhere and lucky for us my friend in the ward saw she was lost (and was crying!) picked her up and took her to her nursery class for us. It was awful feeling. I made her cuddle with me after church to recover from the whole ordeal.
Monday, we did some shopping and while at H&M I was mistaken by other shoppers as an employee twice. Is this good that a mother is mistaken in her mid/late twenties or bad? You tell me.
And then I let Lydia soak herself silly in the water fountains. She was in heaven.

Awesome weekend to kick off our summer! Let’s hear it for summer 2012!  So glad it’s here.


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