Spring evening.

Just another lovely spring evening around here. I made us a pizza and we promised Lydia we would play at the “field” down our little street after we ate. It’s actually our church’s baseball field. And is not to be confused with calling it the park. We also have a neighborhood park that she loves to go to, and we love to take her, but it’s not pretty trying to bring her home.  Or if you tell her you are going to the park, but end up going to the field because that’s what you meant, Lydia gets pretty peeved off.  So if you tell her you are taking her to the park, you better mean the real one!  She was quite happy with just hanging out with us tonight at the field.  Greg practices his golf swing, Charlotte roams, and us girls follow our man around.  This is how us Simmons spend lovely spring evenings.



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