How we celebrated the Earth day weekend.

Have you ever celebrated Earth day before? Ya, me neither.  But this last weekend, I participated in something very Earthy(?) if you will. My first race with an actual time clock, race bibs, and everything.  It was a 10k in my beautiful hometown of South Jordan.  I was nervous with how warm it was (80 degrees) and the last mile had ginormous hills, but it was so much fun!  I had a blast.  I placed 6th in my age division.  Which means all the real runners out there were probably racing in the SLC marathon that same day, but hey, I took 6th in something!  It’s not first, but it’s not last. Yes.



My sweet friend and neighbor Candis ran the race too. Can I tell you a little something about her so you know how awesome she is? Candis had cancer when she was twenty years old. The outlook was not good and doctors didn’t expect her to live. The cancer attacked her lungs so she had a part of them removed in order to survive. Fortunately, miracles happen and she is living by us with her husband and two kids cancer free today! Because of part of her lungs being removed, doctors told Candis she wouldn’t be able to run over 3 miles either. This girl has been kicking butt pushing her lungs to six miles and did it again on Saturday. She is truly an inspiration.

Gregory and my family went out for a yummy pizza buffet at Rock Creek Pizza company. Best pizza buffet and salad bar around if you ask me.
Sunday was so nice and relaxing. Got to sleep in, attended Greg’s cousins farewell (you did awesome Melanie!), and spent some time hanging out in our undies eating graham crackers in milk.

We also took a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy this gorgeous weather.

And last but not least, my two loves caught cuddling on Saturday morning together.

I hope you all had an awesome Earth day weekend too. Even if you didn’t know it was Earth day, here’s to hoping it was still a good one.


3 thoughts on “How we celebrated the Earth day weekend.

  1. Kara you are AWESOME 6th place in our age division is AMAZING!!! There were lots of girls there in the same age range. Thanks for running this with me and for being such a good friend!!!

  2. Got all teary-eyed reading about your friend Candis! You know I LOVE a good butt-kicking Cancer story!! Yahoo on being a fabulous runner!! You are one hot mama!!

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