Warms up my soul.

The warm weather does something to me. It gives me energy and happiness that just will not come to me so easily in the winter months.  Yesterday was good in our little life we have here on Vista View Drive.  In the morning I went to my church to have step aerobics with women from my neighborhood. (If you live in the Saratoga Springs/Eagle Mountain area, please come!  It is so much fun, a great workout, and free!)  Lydia gets to run around all crazy like with friends in the church’s gym while I sweat.  It’s so much better than trying to entertain her with cartoons while I do at home work out’s.  Then early in the afternoon, Lydia and I went to our next door neighbors and enjoyed the warm sunshine.  The girls played with water toys while my friend and I chatted while getting a tan.  Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood for instances like these?  The minute we step out of our house on a warm day we can spot a neighbor.  I know as soon as I start doing any kind of yard work I will get to have fun conversations with my friends that come over to visit.  I love it.  Lydia has a friend any direction she looks on our street too.  I am so grateful for that.
I got a call from Greg tell me he was coming home early because power was out at his work. His work strictly deals with a computer all day long. Thus no power for his computer, no work to do. And you know what he did when he got home? Helped me do yard work. Not going golfing or taking a nap, but trying to make our home more beautiful with me.  And also teaching our daughter to drink out of sprinklers!  That man of mine, I tell ya what.  I am a lucky girl.
I made a simple meal of tacos for dinner. I had to make sure I made plenty of left overs for Greg to take to work. I hate sending Greg off to work with nothing good for lunch. I learned from early in our marriage that Greg doesn’t enjoy frozen food options. At first, it would frustrate me with dinner options and lunch options for him because that meant I seriously had to cook every meal? 😉 Now I love that he doesn’t like frozen meals. That means processed foods and a lot of preservatives aren’t in our diet too often when eating at home.  Can’t complain about that.  I am constantly thinking of meals I can make for a dinner in the beginning of the week so he has great meals from our leftovers for lunch for the rest of the week. It makes me feel like an accomplished wife knowing my husband has a good meal with him.  I like opening the fridge and seeing all of our containers filled with food waiting for Greg to take with him.
Anyways, enough of my ramblings. I want to document our every day lives better.  I want to be able to look back at my blog and know I really truly enjoyed my life, rather than being too caught up in worrying if that picture I took of Lydia is good enough to blog.  Like I said, the warm weather does something to me.  I found myself feeling so incredibly satisfied with so many aspects of my life yesterday.  I just needed to document that.  Thanks for reading my ramblings if you made it this far.


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