A date downtown.

Last weekend we got ourselves a baby sitter (thanks Madre) and headed downtown. We grabbed a bite to eat at Nauvoo Cafe instead of at the new City Creek Mall to avoid all the crowds. That and we had a free meal there for our birthdays. Have I mentioned we are cheap? Anyways, after we ate I bravely hauled my nikon around with us and remembered I bought a remote for it not too long ago and haven’t played with it yet.  I figured now was the time to experiment.

First shots with the remote, I was pretty excited.
Then I even dared to take it outside to play with it.  Observe how I try to hide the remote, but do not succeed.
I did some sort of adjusting and the rest of the pictures came out into this magical blurriness.  At first I was disappointed, but now I quite like it.

Isn’t my husband a good sport? I think he is secretly bummed I got a remote and a new way to even take more pictures of our lives. Ha. But to me he is quite supportive of my compulsiveness to document our lives as usual.


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