Crazy eye.

So many of you have probably wondered and maybe even lost sleep (kidding) over why Greg’s eye looks all crazy like in this picture.

You see, when Gregory was a young man of 14, he was stabbed in the eye with a knife. This is no lie or exaggeration. I wish we could say it was a gang fight or he saved a person from a murderer and was stabbed in the process, but it’s a much simpler story.  His brother’s friend had a small knife in his hand at the same time while holding the phone at Greg’s house. He handed the phone to Greg right against his face, while forgetting he was holding the knife, and so he just happened to stab Greg in the eye.  It happened so quickly Greg wasn’t in pain so he didn’t tell his parents about it!

Just went to sleep, because being stabbed in the eye isn’t a big deal apparently.
A couple of months later, Greg is getting an eye exam for scouts or something and realizes and can only see blurs out of his stabbed eye. Turns out his eye was slowly leaking to death and was going to deteriorate if nothing was done. Meaning that Gregory was going to be wearing a glass eye soon if he didn’t get his eyes checked out!
So a surgery was done. And a permanent stitch was placed over where the stabbing took place. You can see it if he looks down. It’s a great party trick and conversation starter!
Randomly, the stitch will break a blood vessel in his eye and fill his eye with blood. The first time this blood eye incident happened was when we were 18. I specifically remember we were at Del Taco. I went to take a bite of my delicious .49 cent taco and looked up a Greg who’s eyes were looking down and saw a mass of blood. I, of course, am quite beside myself because it looks awful and I thought for sure his eye was in the process of falling out again. We had to finish our tacos first (duh), and then went straight to his parents where they ordered him to go to the eye doctor. Turns out, it was a broken blood vessel and there is nothing to worry about. Want to see a picture of the first blood vessel breaking eye incident?  Of course.

The first time the crazy blood eye lasted for a couple of months. It has happened a few times since, but never lasts for as long. Greg gets a lot of fun looks from people and all sorts of questions. So instead of saying this long story to those who ask, which is quite often, he says he was elbowed in the eye.  But now you all know the true story of crazy blood eye.


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