You say it’s your birthday.

I had a birthday yesterday. It was awesome. Some people don’t really like their birthdays, don’t like to make a big deal of them. I’m the opposite. I love when March rolls around. Because that means my birthday is here and Greg’s is too! I know it probably looks like I just love the attention I get from others that you do get when it’s your birthday, and that is nice, but that’s not what it’s all about for me. I love the excuse to celebrate and party. I love the excuse to eat treats and go out to eat. I love to go shopping and spend money because, hey, it’s my birthday.  I love that you get to spend extra time with your loved ones.  I love that last night it was a week night and Greg and I spent hours together and went out for a good meal.  And it’s another year I have to celebrate what a blessed life I do lead.  So you people who don’t like your birthday, what’s not to like?!

My sista, Kristen, and I took our kiddos to Jungle Jim’s for some celebrating fun for them to have.  I even rode the carousel myself a few times.  Lydia loved that.

On the way to Kristen’s house to drop Lydia off for the rest of the day, I had to stop by an Iceberg to get my free birthday shake.  That is a must on your birthday.  Grasshopper flavor thank you very much.
Kristen treated me to Cafe Rio for lunch and a cute present.  And then she took Lydia the rest of the day for me.  I have the best sister in the world.  You all should be jealous!
Greg then took me shopping at all my favorite spots.  I told Greg all I really wanted to do for my birthday was to go shopping for a few hours without Lydia running around.  And my man made that happen.  Then we went out to Benihana downtown for our delicious dinner.  If you go, you must get their flavored lemonades to go along with your enormous amounts of food.  TASTY.

Since Benihana is right next to the new City Creek mall going up downtown (and is opening up next week!) we decided to take a look around.  It was such a beautiful night and we weren’t cold at all.  I love this spring so far.  Greg and I love walking around cities.  Give us a warm night, a city to walk around, and good food and we are set.  We could do this for hours and we have on vacations and areas we lived in for summer sales.  Some of our first dates, we would drive up to SLC and explore new areas of the city randomly.  I love that we can do the same dates we started doing almost ten years ago and still have a fantastic time.

Gregory even gave me a birthday kiss at the end of the night.
Hello 27! Please be good to me.


3 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday.

  1. Happy birthday Kara!! I hope you had a wonderful day because you deserve it!! And I hope 27 is a good year for you, too! Ps. What the heck happened to Greg’s eye? That looks a little scary!! Hope he is ok!!

  2. I was so hoping to see some pictures of your hair! I just got a peak but they look so pretty. Happy Birthday, Kara! 27 is a good year.

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