The big love day.

For the big love day, we had Eme, Tayden, and Kristen (my one and only sista) over for a little Valentine’s party. We had a tasty lunch, made heart hats, and even took Valentine themed pictures! But you will only see the lunch and part of the activity of making heart shaped hats. I stupidly deleted the rest of the pictures thinking I had uploaded them all on to one memory card when I uploaded them on to my computer. I was so bummed once I realized I had done this. There were such cute and hilarious pictures of all of the cousins together. Oh well, life goes on. And if that is my biggest complaint lately about Valentine’s day,  I realize I have it pretty easy when it comes to love.

And then Greg, Lydia, and I spent a romantic evening at In-N-Out for dinner and ate about a pound of white chocolate covered strawberries I made at home. Now that’s what I call love.


3 thoughts on “The big love day.

  1. Hey I forgot your email address so I hope this will work but I wanna book a newborn session with ya 🙂 I am due April 24th but I guess I could have him anytime before or after that so let me know when will work for you. Thanks a bunch

  2. what a bummer about the pictures! 😦 Either way you got some cute ones of the day! I especially love the last one of Lydia and her tongue! haha…she is just the cutest!

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