Feeling uplifted.


(Lyds and I at the park yesterday on instagram. We love the swings!)

It isn’t a secret to anyone that I love blogs.  I love being able to seek inspiration and see pretty pictures of people’s life.  It’s like being able to read someone’s journal!  Or a personal magazine you can read on your computer!  I hope that doesn’t sound creepy, but who cares if it does?!  I am a blog readeraholic and I don’t care who knows it.

Lately I have stumbled across some awesome posts from my favorite bloggers.  Like attitude changing/inspirational/change the way I look at situations in my life posts.  I re-read them quite often because they have had such an affect on me lately!  I just need to share them because these posts are that good.  And even though a couple of these posts are dealing with the struggles of infertility, you can apply the same thoughts for any struggle in your life.

Nat the fat rat posted her struggles with getting pregnant so thoughtfully with the Old Testament,

Kelly Mccaleb posted about being true to yourself,

Mara from a blog about love posted her talk she gave in church on Mother’s Day and

a awesome blog post about stop comparing yourself to others.  Because that will get you no where.

I also just love this article in the January Ensign from our loving Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.

I hope all of you can feel inspired and uplifted from these posts too.  Do you have favorite posts or articles that you have been loving lately?

Please share.

And happy hump day everybody!


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