The weekend report.

Here is our weekend report:
A Coldstone visit to start off the weekend. We were appalled at the prices, even though we had a gift card, but still enjoyed our over priced ice cream creation. Yes, we are cheap.

On Saturday, we took a walk to the park down our little street to enjoy this amazingly warm February weather.
Gregory then took us out for yummy Mexican food. It was awesome.
I let Lydia apply her own lipstick at dinner while waiting for our food. Greg wasn’t a fan, but I thought it was quite entertaining. As did Lydia.
Lydia made herself 2 bracelets and a neckalace in nursery.  She insisted on wearing them in the bath tonight and to bed.  A true lady she is.
We had a Superbowl gathering at a friend’s house. All the kids cared about were pulling each other around in toys. And all I cared about was eating. But what’s new?

Now what is your weekend report?


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