Charlotte is a four year old.

Our Charlotte bear turned four years old today. Yes we do celebrate our dog’s birthday. Actually, this is the first year we have celebrated. I have forgotten in the past years on the exact day and have felt awfully guilty about it.
We sang to her over a scented candle and a bowl of shredded chicken tonight. I think she was quite pleased.

We picked out Charlotte on my 23rd birthday. For years I had dreamed of owning a small fluffy dog that could live in inside the house and would not shed either(I hate dog hair in the house). I thought that dream would come when I was an official home owner or after we had all of our kids but I decided I needed that dog sooner than later. Greg and I had been trying to get pregnant for a few months before my 23rd birthday and obviously having no luck.  Feeling down one evening and with my 23rd birthday coming later that week I remember shouting at Greg,”I want a dog for my birthday!!!”
Now Greg being a man who knows how to keep his woman happy (and knows what a negative pregnancy test does to his woman) quickly gave in to my demand. I saw a cute picture of Charlotte and her siblings on KSL and decided I must see those puppies. I had an inkling one of them was supposed to be mine!  On the evening of my birthday we went to look at those puppies. I told the breeder not to tell us the sex of any of the dogs so we could choose regardless of gender. I left the decision of what dog to choose up to Greg (to make sure he would love the dog too!). Greg loved Charlotte’s cute white paw and that was that. My dream of having an adorable fluffy dog had come true.

Charlotte at six weeks old. Can I get an awwwwwww?

Thank goodness for this dog.  She kept me company during two different alarm sales summers while Greg and I were in college which would have been terribly boooooooooooring and lonely without her.  I owe it to Charlotte for making me go on a million walks while pregnant so I didn’t gain any more weight than I did.  She makes a great furry sibling for Lydia and keeps me warm on cold winter nights by cuddling with me on the couch.  But she does bark wildly every time Lydia cries.  It’s really annoying.  Other than that, we love this dog.


2 thoughts on “Charlotte is a four year old.

  1. 2 funny things- we call Bentley, “Bentley bear” as you call Charlotte, Charlotte bear. ha! and we got Bentley a couple months before we did IVF because I was lonely with Nick working late nights, and I desperately wanted to take care of something. 🙂 good times!

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