The adventures of Lydia and Kara.

My instagram feed should really be called the adventures of Lydia and Kara. I have so many pictures of us together it’s really quite funny. With me being behind my big nikon camera most of the time (just the way I like it), I find my iphone’s camera function of being able to have the screen face me while taking a picture so appealing. It’s easy to see I am addicted.

 I can see myself! In a picture! With Lydia! Wow! Lydia will know I was there in her life when she grows up!

Can you see why I like it now?

I love documenting my life with my trusty sidekick Lydia (or am I her sidekick? Hmmmmm….) with me. Our adventures mainly consist of going to Costco!, play dates!, shopping!, out to eat!, at family gatherings!, and when we have matching hair!
(I added exclamation marks so our adventures look more exciting).

Rarely are our adventures at home documented because Mama doesn’t look so good if we are just staying home.  I leave that treat to Gregory and Lydia’s eyes only.  Lucky people.  But just know, adventures can get pretty crazy around here.



2 thoughts on “The adventures of Lydia and Kara.

  1. We missed you fun chicks this week! Sorry we were a bunch of sickies! We need to hang out next week for sure! Hope you enjoy Breaking Dawn without me 😦 Darn your husband that likes girlie movies! 🙂

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