You’re in love.


Getting ready for bed can sometimes be quite distressful for Lydia most nights. And the awfullness that is getting ready for bed starts as soon as I make her get out of the tub. She gets very angry and pouts nakedly on the floor of her room. Then I finally convince her to put on jammies. And then comes the brushing of her teeth. She kinda hates this 50 percent of the time. She decided this was a night to hate the cleaning of her teeth. So I left that part up to Greg!
Greg took her to the bathroom and started to brush. I heard her cry and protest from her bathroom. Greg finally settled her down. I went to the bathroom to comb her hair and see what Greg did to settle her down. I found Lydia watching a disney video on Greg’s phone with old tears running down her cheeks. I expected to see Greg kind of annoyed but instead I saw him smiling. He turned to me and said,
“Isn’t she beautiful? I mean, even when she is crying still so beautiful!”
Then looked back at her and kept brushing those teeth of hers happily.
I then asked, “You’re in love with her aren’t you?”
He just smiled even bigger and kept brushing.
And that made me fall in love even more with Greg.


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