The day I received the best compliment of my life.

This is about the day I received the best compliment of my life.

It was July 30, 2009.  My Lydia’s birthday!  I was induced at appromixately 8 in the morning.  Pictocin worked through my veins and took awhile to get going.  Greg and I passed the time by doing laps and then watching movies while I sat on a rocking chair trying to get that baby going.  Finally at about noon water was broken.  Shortly after during a walking lap around the hospital floor, I felt my first strong contraction.  I quickly walked back to our hospital room(because I don’t take pain well standing up).  After about an hour of contractions, I received the big needle.  I had the labor shakes and it was quite difficult to stay still.  Nurses came to hold me still because Gregory isn’t so fond of needles.  I made my man sit in the corner for that part, because I needed that guy healthy!  I almost lost him earlier with my three different IV sticks and I wasn’t going to risk that again.  Never leave a man behind I say.

The minute I got that epidural I felt warmth spread over my body.  The shakes diminished and man o’ man, I was relaxed.  About two hours later my nurse came in to check me.  Surprisingly, I had progressed from about a 5 to a 10 in two hours!  Look at me go! Woot!  The nurse said she was going to call my doctor and that I might start feeling the urge to push in a little bit.  As soon as she stepped out of the room, I felt it.  That urge.  That contraction telling me my baby wanted out.  I told Greg to call that nurse back in!  She came in took one look at me and knew I was ready to push.  She explained my doctor wasn’t available for about 20 minutes.  What?  What was I going to do?  Hold her in?

I read somewhere if you were needing to push and shouldn’t yet, to pant.  So I turned on my side and started to pant.  I looked like an idiot.  Greg kept telling me to slow down or I was going to hyperventilate.  But oh gosh, I was feeling those contractions.  I was wanting to push!  All the while my nurse kept saying,”I’m not delivering a first time Mom!  Hold on just a few more minutes!”  While running around the room prepping for delivery.

Finally my doctor made it in.  Her first words were,”You ready to push?”  I said a joyous yes and turned myself into position.  I remember seeing the doctor and nurses looks in confusion on how I was moving myself and my legs when I had an epidural.  Being a first time labor goer, I didn’t realize I shouldn’t be able to do that.  I had a nurse on either side of me in no time and them telling Greg to “hold her head!!”

I felt my contraction coming on and I pushed!  Within that first push we saw a sliver of Lydia’s brunette head.  Greg kept telling me,”She has hair Kara!  She has hair!”  But that’s when the burning happened too.  It took me a minute to realize what was being said because, wow, that burning hurt.  I looked up at my doctor and she looked at me and knew.  That epidural of mine wore off.  “Do you feel burning?,” she asked.  I think I nodded my head or maybe I just looked completely terrified(who knows?).  “That’s okay.  That’s normal.  Keep going!,” she assured me.

But along with that burning, I felt powerful, because I was delivering this child with my drugs not working dang it!  I felt that next contraction and pushed like no other.  And that’s when it happened.  The best compliment of my life was uttered by my doctor.  She exclaimed,

“Kara, you were born to give birth!”

And I know if I wasn’t so distracted at the time(darn burning sensation taking away my sense of concentration) I would have been beaming at this compliment!  I would have turned to Greg and said with excitement,”Did you hear what she just said about me?!”  Because, really, who gets that kind of compliment every day?  (If you have please don’t tell me, yet.  Let me have my moment.)

With that compliment and my many encouragers in the delivery room I was a woman on a mission.  I called out when it was time to push and when it was time for a break.  After about ten minutes of pushing, I was ready to hold that baby of mine! I felt that last contraction coming and was determined to get her out.

I got all the strength I could muster and pushed!  Before they could count to ten, Lydia’s head was out.  I thought I had screamed when it happened(that was just in my head I guess)but Greg told me I did this weird spitting exhalation thing and fell back to the bed.  All I know is the next thing I was being handed our beautiful baby girl Lydia.  She was perfect, pink, and beautiful.  Happy tears were being shed by both Greg and I.  I remember looking up at him a few moments after I was handed Lydia and seeing his beaming face.  It was a perfect moment.

Now I have been thinking a lot about that compliment I was given during labor lately.  And I really just have one question about it to that doctor,

“If I was born to give birth doc, why does it take me so d#%$ long to get pregnant?!”

But doctor thanks again for that compliment.  It was awfully nice of you to say.



4 thoughts on “The day I received the best compliment of my life.

  1. I have to agree that that is an awesome compliment, one that I agree with. I also think you were made to be pregnant, you do it so well. I can’t tell you when you’ll get pregnant again but I honestly believe you will, you’re too good of a mother and pregnant lady not to. I hope it happens so soon!

  2. I am glad you wrote all that down! You will be glad later when you may forget some of it. Its amazing you remember so much now! And I for one have never been told I was born to give birth so I am one that for sure won’t steal your moment 😉

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that story. What an amazing experience. I’m sorry that it’s taking so long to get pregnant, I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I’m glad that heavenly father blessed you with Lydia. She is such a cute girl and she’s very lucky to have you as her mom. Hang in there!

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