The subject of this post is hair.

I just realized how interested I am in Lydia’s hair lately. Well not actually lately. All of her life really. As Lydia was a baby I would look at those brown hairs(she was born a brunette, you know) on her head and wonder when the days would come I would be able to curl it, braid it, or put it in a piggy or two. And those days have come my friends.
I tried french braids. They surprisingly stayed in all day! We even went clothes shopping. Now if you have a toddler you know that when you go clothes shopping your toddler will be in the middle of the clothes, rubbing her hair all along the racks while she runs around in them. Normally after clothes shopping she looks like she has just woken up after a long crazy night. Not with these braids. These braids were tough. I give the french braids two thumbs up.

Last Sunday, Lydia sported a classy(yet purposely messy)and chic bun. It stayed in longer than I thought and I believe she even acted more chic with it in. I give the bun two thumbs up.

This tub mohawk hair was just for kicks and giggles. Look at that length!

Now here is the hairdo to top all hair do’s. And it’s because she matched mine. I got myself all done up the other day, and then it was Lydia’s turn. After a couple of quick decisions and curls, her hair was finished. I took a look at her and realized I had made her hair look just like mine. It was like living a dream guys! My inner five year old’s dream but a dream nonetheless. Waves and a small braids were our style. I give the matching hairstyles two thumbs up.

(All pics taken with instagram)


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