Sorry for being grouchy 2011.

I was being real grouchy about the year 2011 last week. I kept thinking how happy I was it was coming to an end and starting a new year. It might be because I have been sick the whole month of December.  Never try to think deep thoughts after being sick for a long period of time friends.  Anyways, all the bad things of 2011 kept popping up in my head and would think, “2012 is going to treat me WAY better 2011, you just wait and see!”

But then I remembered some pretty awesome adventures and events happened in 2011. Such as buying our first home, saw that Lydia really really enjoys eating snow,  Gregory and I turned 26,  decided I need a tortilla press(which I still need to get!),  realized our first kiss was 8 years ago,  Lydia discovered her love of princesses,  played a mean game of kick ball on the 4th of July,  the little girl turned two(sniff sniff!),  celebrated 5 years of marriage San Diego style,  wore bright red matching family t-shirts in Park City(it was wonderful.  I’m serious),  made my daughter look like Lady Gaga,  discovered potty training wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,  saw my big brother get married(glory hallelujah!),  taped a picture of my uterus on my fridge(because that’s just funny),  had a magical Christmas morning, and finished up my Sunday’s Photo project.  Oh and took pictures of really adorable families, beautiful couples, and even captured birth stories!  Seriously, thank you everyone who had me point and shoot my camera at them in 2011.  I have loved seeing old friends and making new ones.  Even if you weren’t interested in my friendship and just wanted pictures, too bad, you are my friend now.

Realizing all of this on New Year’s Eve day I decided 2011 wasn’t so bad after all.  It was actually pretty awesome.  Lydia and I basked in the last sunset of 2011 to celebrate another great year.  I asked Greg if he would like to participate, but since he was lounging around in his sweats, he opted out.  I still think you are pretty cute in sweats though sweetie.  He also has a scruffy beard right now!  I love my man with scruff.  You guys are really missing out.

Moving on to the last images of 2011.



2 thoughts on “Sorry for being grouchy 2011.

  1. I must have missed when you were being grouchy. When you put it like that 2011 does sound pretty sweet! I need to write down what happened with us. Right now it just seems like a good year not bad but not great. If I wrote things down like that it would probably seem more exciting! BTW lovin those red pants & boots on you! Super cute!

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