Christmas Eve.

For Christmas Eve we barely made it home in time to do some reading with Lydia and put her to bed.
Greg and I both really wanted to make it home in time to watch Muppet Christmas Carol(a classic) with Lydia and start some Christmas traditions of our own. But on the way home from Grandma Miller’s we stopped to look at Christmas lights, then stopped at McDonald’s for ice cream(Greg’s throat was killing him. Sickness was heading his way), and then Greg had to wrap a couple of presents at his parents for Lydia and I because he didn’t particularly like the wrapping paper I had at home.
So needless to say, we didn’t get home until much later than we planned. Next year I am thinking of eating peppermint ice cream under the tree, dancing all crazy like to Christmas music blasting in our front room, and of course watching Muppet Christmas carol.
Stopping at McDonald’s for a Mcflurry was pretty tasty though. Maybe we will do that one again next year…


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve.

  1. I LOVE the pictures!!! We also love the muppet Christmas carol!! We have pretty much every muppet movie/show ever made and watch them often. I love hearing about other peoples traditions!!

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