12th day of Christmas.

we went for a little swim on Christmas Eve day. I thought this was a grand idea and no one would be at the pool on Christmas Eve day! But, apparently, a lot of little families had the same idea too. All of my siblings and their spouses and kids came so Lydia had a blast. She adores her cousins. She calls them “my fwiends.”

And now the 12 days of Christmas has to come to an end. I am hoping Lydia had a lot of fun! Good thing we have this blog for proof in the future she can see we did fun things together. And proof to myself I am not such a lazy mom and that I actually do have fun times with my daughter instead of trying to entertain her all day with activities that don’t involve me so I can get things accomplished that I think need to be done that minute. When will I learn?
Next year I am going to be more organized, have better ideas, and not get sick!

(pics taken with instagram)


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