11th day of Christmas.

Grandma Nana(Mi Madre, if you will) decided to take her Grandgirls to a princess festival of sorts. Kristen(sis), Janel(sis-in-law), and I got to tag along to watch. Cousins Eme and Kambryn wore their finest princess atire, but my Lydia had no such princess dress yet(Santa might just be bringing her a whole trunk full of princess clothes in two days!). I dressed her up in her poofiest(ya that’s a word) skirt to make her feel like she was a princess as well.
Now, the pictures may fool you that she isn’t have a good time with how serious she looks. But she was loving it! They taught the girls a princess dance, sang Christmas songs, and decorated a tree. Lydia was eating it up. My shy girl had no problem being carried around by this princess. It was adorable.

Thanks again Grandma Nana.



2 thoughts on “11th day of Christmas.

  1. Such a fun day! So sorry you didn’t get good pictures of the kids with Santa! This is weird for me to have the pictures & not you! Mine won’t be near as cute as yours would have been though! Oh well at least we have them!

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