7th day of Christmas.

Have you ever been to the South Towne mall? They have this little train the goes around the whole bottom floor of the mall. Your kids will love it. And demand to go on it! Usually I have distracted Lydia in the past from the train because there was no way I was going to pay 3 bucks each to go on that train.  I mean six dollars is like a meal at Cafe Rio.  And that is sacred money when you are craving Cafe Rio.  But when entering the mall that day I knew I couldn’t resist seeing how excited Lydia was about it. Let me tell you, it was six dollars well spent going on that ride and seeing how happy it made Lydia.
We even picked up Santa on the way back. Santa! He sat right in front of us. Lydia was like OMG(meaning oh my gosh)! She was beside herself knowing that Santa was right there. Adorable.

(All pics taken with instagram)


One thought on “7th day of Christmas.

  1. That is awesome Santa got on with you guys! How fun! Prepare yourself now that you have taken her she will ALWAYS ask to go! And they do that dumb train all year! Sorry its not dumb its very cute but when you feel like you are breaking your childs heart every time they don’t get to go the magic starts to wear off a little 🙂

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