5th day of Christmas.

On the 5th day of Christmas Lydia came down with another gross cold of sorts. We took it real easy that day and ran to Costco for a quick errand. Cotsco for an activity you think? How lame. But Lydia is in love with Costco. She loves the samples, the big carts, the Christmas lights they have on display, and let’s not forget their hotdogs and churros. In the past, I have told Lydia we were going to Costco and then ran out of time in my day so we didn’t make it. When she realized we were heading home instead of to her beloved Costco she cried and cried. “Costco! Costco! We were going to Costco Mama!,” she said crying and not at all being dramatic. Hilarious. And Costco is the first word she has recognized. Even better.


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