12 days of Christmas.

I decided to do a 12 days of Christmas, but Lydia and Mama style. You see Lydia and I had a lot of fun this last summer. I made sure we went swimming at least once a week, ate popsicles at her command, went outside when she wanted to, and really just lived the dream of having a fun filled summer. It was bliss.  Then fall came and I felt so busy for a few different reasons that I couldn’t even focus on my poor girl. I think I blinked at the end of August and when I opened my eyes it was the end of November, honest to pete.  As soon as Thanksgiving was over I knew I needed to really spend time with my girl before she grows up and really doesn’t care if I know how to play a mean game of hide and go seek.  Because all of a sudden I realized she was potty trained, could talk back to me in full sentences(that one is especially fun), and have somewhat consistent conversations with other children.  She is practically turning twenty she is acting so grown up!   And since Lydia will be our only child I don’t want to waste this time! Just kidding about the only child statement. But really most days I think we will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever(can you tell how dramatic I am being?) have another child around these parts. So I especially don’t want to miss out moments with my only child(please remember I am only being dramatic, mostly)!
I started the first day of Christmas on the 13th of December and the 12th day ends on Christmas Eve. I really have no idea if this is the correct way of doing the 12 day of Christmas, but just go with it!

Our 12 days of Christmas consists of an activity that Lydia and I will do together each day.  I really wanted to include Greg in this, but that boy gets so busy that is a very unrealistic wish.  So let the Lydia and Mama 12 days of Christmas documentation begin!

On the first day of Christmas, Lyds and I played in the magical snow we had. We walked up and down our street, walked to our neighborhood park, ate snow(not the yellow kind!), made snow angels, and kept calling out for Charlotte because she was running wild in that snow. 1st day of Christmas was a success.

(All picutres taken with instagram)

All this week’s posts will be straight up Christmas goodness.  Holla!


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