Progressive dinner.

Our sis-in-law Kim had the brilliant idea of having a progressive dinner with the Simmons family. A progressive dinner is where you eat courses of a meal throughout the evening at different persons houses. With this idea we were able to see all of our houses decorated and mix up a typical get together.
It was so much fun. Here are the evening adventures:

House number one.  Rob and Kim’s.  Appetizers and drinks are served.

Enjoying the R and K Simmons’ Christmas decorations in the living room.
House number two. Brian and Becca’s. Salad and main course are served. Admiring the Disney princess theme on their Christmas tree.
The little kiddos got all crazy dancing to Nysync Christmas classics after dinner.
Throughout the evening we played a Christmas carol guessing game. There were far too many large tricky words in there that hurt my poor little head. Poor Greg had no help from me. We lost. Should have married a smarter girl Greg!
House number three. Our beloved residence. We served dessert crepes. Which were quite festive by the way. I made the crepes themselves red(which really looked more pink, but everyone claimed they looked red to make me feel good) and made them sprinkle the top of the crepe with green sprinkles. I demanded that everyone’s crepe must look festive!
I made a mad game of Bingo to play at our house. The winners were handsomely rewarded with the finest candy from Wal-Mart.


Then Usher’s voice blazed through the room as everyone was leaving and the Simmons boys decided to gang up on their poor mother. Really, how did she survive raising four boys?
Then I put this little one to bed after our long progressive dinner evening.

Now for tips if you would like to host your own progressive dinner night!:
-If you aren’t the first household, make things you can easily throw together and serve. We had pizza and for the main course and it worked out perfectly. I made the crepes before at my house and I just needed to warm the up for a few minutes at our home.
-Take in consideration the length of driving. We had about 15 minutes between house one and two. Then about 20 minutes between houses two and three. We were going to add in a fourth home(my in-laws home) but it seemed to me we would be feeling rushed the whole evening. Three homes worked out perfectly for our amount of driving.
-Nobody planned on having games throughout the evening, but we threw them in at the last minute and it turned out to be quite fun.
-Or take a look at Oh Happy Day’s progressive night dinner for a fancier take.


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