A visit with Santa.

Lydia decided she wanted to see Santa last week. I have no idea how she figured out she could visit Santa but she did.  I bet she learned that from Mickey Mouse Christmas movies.  Disney teaches my child everything really.

She would ask every day,”We going to see Santa today?!” I explained Daddy was going to take us. Every day Greg would get home from work the first thing she would ask,”We going to see Santa Dad?” We decided last Friday was the day to see Santa. I was prepping her all day. I would ask,”What do you want for Christmas? Santa will want to know.” Lydia decided she wanted a treat from Santa.

Greg and I were skeptical our shy girl was actually going to even talk or even look at Santa without any tears.

Observing the jolly old man.
The time came. Lydia’s head goes right to my shoulder, but she is curious so she is still looking.
Santa gives a peace offering in the form of a candy cane. Why that was just what Lydia has been asking for. A treat! Her head comes off of my shoulder!

I slip Lydia onto his lap and no tears happen. No reaching for me! We take a quick picture and although she looks very unsure of the situation, I think it turned out pretty cute. Before we leave Santa I tell her to give him a hug. She leaned in real quickly and gives him a shy smile. Visiting Santa was a success!

I asked if she would like to go visit Santa again, she quickly replied no.  I guess that visit took all the energy she could muster to not cry.  Bless that shy girl’s heart.

(all pictures taken with instagram)


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