Magic moments.

Greg and I have had several magical moments in the journey of our relationship. You know, like the first time we said I love you, the night he returned home from his mission and we kissed under the stars, the moment he proposed, our wedding day(and night! Nudge,nudge,wink,wink! Oh gosh, I shouldn’t have typed that but it’s too funny to erase now), the day we found out we were pregnant, and the evening we had Lydia.
These moments felt so magical and I get butterflies still thinking about them. I used to think these moments are what defined us. Those moments are what builds our marriage. Which they certainly do but to an extent. But these are the moments that everyone else can see too. Getting married, having a baby, etc. You know, all the happy stuff.
Then we have run into moments in our life that aren’t so magical. Some moments that downright stink(I would use the word suck, but I hate the way that word looks, anyways you get my point). The moments where we just looked at each other and think,”really, why is this happening to us?”
So we hold each other, we talk it out, we eventually start making one another laugh at our misfortune, and find a fun distraction(whatever that may be! Nudge,nudge,wink,wink! Seriously, I have got to stop). I find that in these times of down right heartache we come together and end up feeling uplifted. We are strengthen. We are stronger!
Even though everyone can’t “see” these moments because we have nothing to show for it, we know our marriage is better. Our marriage is stronger and something we hold even more sacred than before because of these moments. And even though I would like to say a lot of swear words thinking of our heartaches, they are moments I will always remember because we got through them together to make us better than we were before.  Those are the moments that have truly defined us.

P.S. That picture of us was taken by our wonderful friend Natalie Bennion.  Thanks again Natalie!


2 thoughts on “Magic moments.

  1. Your honest open posts like this always make me tear up. You are Greg are one of the cutest couples I know. Thanks for your blunt honesty and sharing these little moments with us!

  2. Way cute picture & cute post! If I didn’t love you so much I would hate you guys with how stinkin cute you are! I could definitely learn a thing or two from you on how to be more loving! Unfortunately I know all too well what you are talking about but it took us way too long to look at it the way you already do! Hopefully that means this to shall end soon! Love ya!

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