How was your Thanksgiving?

Ours was relaxing and awesome.

I started my day with a Turkey Trot race with my cute friends and neighbors. It was my first time running in a race and it was just under 4 miles!  I know what you all are thinking, “Kara can run?  Kara has friends?!”

Both indeed are true.  I had to take a picture to prove it.
Greg then played some football with his ward buddies in our church’s yard area that’s down our street. I love being creepy and being able to spy on him from our backyard.
I actually contributed to the Thanksgiving meal this year by making a dessert and an appetizer.
Took family pictures while waiting for turkey.
Got to hold and meet our brand new nephew Bodie. Doesn’t he look like a little Indian baby? So sweet.
And then while all you suckas were out hitting black Friday sales. Greg and I were watching hours of Friends episodes and cuddling. Being a poor little family who doesn’t need a lot sure has it’s advantages.
And then I saw Anthro had 50% off sale on everything this morning and I saw that this afternoon after it was over. Pretty PO’d guys. Because I always NEED clothes!

(All pics taken on my iphone)


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